Portrait of Arthur Austin

Portrait of Arthur Austin - The Farmers' Museum
Portrait of Arthur Austin
Glass plate negative. A man, thought to be the photographer Arthur Austin sits in a wooden rocking chair in a parlor. He holds onto a remote shutter button for a smaller bellows camera and looks stoically to the left. The lense of the camera points straight ahead. The man's right leg stretches out toward a table in the middle of the room. On the table is a candy dish, large book, table lamp with a photograph (female portrait) propped up. On the lower shelf of the table is a group of stereographs propped up and a stereoscope next to them. A ratten rocking chair with cushions on the seat and headrest is on the right side of the table. A second, smaller table is in the background in front of a window with a vase of flowers on it and a book on the lower shelf. A floral still life hangs on the wall above the man's head. Two curtained windows are in the room. A side chair is in the corner between the windows.
Physical dimensions: 
height 4 in
width 5 in