Picking Mushrooms

Picking Mushrooms - The Farmers' Museum
Picking Mushrooms
Photographic Print. In the photograph a man picks mushrooms in a basement. He wears a mining hat with lamp and holds a knife and 1/4 bushel basket in his left hand. On the reverse of the photograph is handwritten: #2/ROGER LEAF/PICKING MUSHROOMS/WEARS A HAT LIKE MINERS/WITH A LIGHT/MUSHROOMS GROWN IN DARK, WARM ROOMS/MUSHROOM FACTORY IS LOCATED AT 317 NIAGARA STREET/ SAMUEL POPLOCK IS THE(photograph and writing then cut off). 317 Niagara Street was owned by Samual Poplock from the mid-1940s through the sale of the building in 1962. Poplock was listed in the city directories as a mushroom grower during that time.
Physical dimensions: 
print size 5 1/4" x 11 1/4"