Nolan's Garage

Nolan's Garage - The Farmers' Museum
Nolan's Garage
Slide transparency. Several signs are attached to the side of a wooden building, one indicating that it is "Nolan's Garage Complete Radiator Repairs." Above it is a sign for "Mobile heating oil Automatic Deliveries & Burner Service." To the left of those two signs, from top to bottom, are signs for "Pennzoil The Tough-Film Motor Oil with Z-7," "Pennzoil Sound Your Z," and "Goodyear Tires Tire and Battery Service." A blue car is parked at the side of the building, surrounded by overgrown plants. Two windows are at either side of the building, while a sign for "McCord Radiator Authorized Service" hangs at the front. Several cars and another building, "COOP Food Store (?)" are located at the left, behind the main building. On the border of the slide is written, "Arkville."
Physical dimensions: 
height 2 in ; width 2 in