Milk Strike photo from Mayfield, NY, 1957

Milk Strike photo from Mayfield, NY, 1957 - The Farmers' Museum
Milk Strike photo from Mayfield, NY, 1957
Photographic print. Documentary/Newspaper from the United Press Telephoto, Chicago, Illinois. Image shows the Harold L. Blower family from Mayfield, NY on August 13, 1957. Harold, his wife and son Donald are in the milkhouse of the family farm draining milk from the bulk milk tank. This scene took place during the New York State 1957 milk strike. A typwritten caption on the right side of the photograph reads: KTP081323 - 8/13/1957 - MAYFIELD, NY - HAROLD L. BLOWER DUMPS 1000 POUNDS OF RAW MILK DOWN THE SEWER AT HIS FARM IN FULTON COUNTY WHILE HIS WIFE AND SON DONALD, LOOK ON. HTIS IS THE FIRST MILK TO BE THROWN AWAY IN THE CURRENT MILK STRIKE. MR. BLOWER SAID "THE AUTHORITIES WON'T EVEN LET ME GIVE IT AWAY. WHAT ELSE CAN I DO?" UNITED PRESS TELEPHOTO (JWP).
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print size 8" x 10"