McGraw-Valley Falls Carriage Sale

McGraw-Valley Falls Carriage Sale - The Farmers' Museum
McGraw-Valley Falls Carriage Sale
Photographic print. The focal point of the photograph is a tent with carriages underneath it. A banner to the right of the tent says "MCGRAW-VALLEY FALLS." A sign leaning against a tent pole says "THIS LINE VEHICLES SOLD BY THE FOLLOWING CARRIAGE DEALERS" and then lists the carriage dealers and their respective towns. Two men stand under the "MCGRAW-VALLEY FALLS" banner. Both wear suits and hats and both are looking toward the left side of the photograph. To the left of the tent is a building and two figures, including a woman with her back facing toward the camera. A telephone pole can be seen on the upper left corner. The photo is framed on a black matte.
Physical dimensions: 
height 4.3750 in ; width 6.6250. in