McDougall's Impression of a Modern Cow comic

McDougall's Impression of a Modern Cow comic - The Farmers' Museum
McDougall's Impression of a Modern Cow comic
Transparency, Lantern-Slide. Image is a comic titled "McDougall's Impression of a Modern Cow Boudoir." A cow is shown in the center of the comic. Over her back is a blanket that says "Sterilized Medicated Blanket (inspected)" on it. Attached to her tale is a "sachet bag." Around her neck is a bib that says "Chest Protector." On her horns are two spheres labeled "Germicide Atomizers." She also wears shoes. In front of her are bags of corn meal, bran and cotton seed. A man is in front of her at a dresser, looking in the mirror. A thought bubble above him says "Do I need a shave?" His hat says "milker" and he wears rubber gloves. Around the cow are various certificates that say "Massage and Manicure Certificate," "Cows' Union Card," and "Certificate of Inspection." Behind her is a sink that says "Filtered Water" on it. She also has a picture of grass, a thermometer and a cuckoo clock on the walls. Image is from Cornell University, Dept. of Dairy Industry and was part of an educational slide show.
Physical dimensions: 
film size 3.25" x 4"