Maston Farmers Union Building

Maston Farmers Union Building - The Farmers' Museum
Maston Farmers Union Building
Film Negative. Three men stand on a dock in front of a building with "Maston Farmers Union" painted on the side. The man on the left holds a pipe in his left hand. The man in the center stands with his hands in his pants pockets, and the third man (on right) is opening or closing the door behind him. The cedar shingled and clapboard building has two windows on the first level on the right side. A Coca-Cola advertising sign is between the windows. Two windows are on the second story, one on the left side and a second at the peak of the building on the right. The building looks as though it was built onto at some point in its history. On the left side of the photograph, a truck is in partial view from the back.
Physical dimensions: 
height 5 in ; width 7 in