Lunch on Circus Day at Camp Fren-Le

Lunch on Circus Day at Camp Fren-Le - The Farmers' Museum
Lunch on Circus Day at Camp Fren-Le
Photographic print in an album. A small table is set up on a lawn or in a mowed field with sandwiches and drinks on it. Children stand behind the table and a group of boys gather in the foreground on the left. The children are at camp Fren-Le in LaFayette, New York. On the back of the photograph his handwritten: "Lunch on Circus Day." This photograph is part of an album of the Wayne O. and Marion Turner farm which was in operation from 1945-1956 at RD 1, LaFayette, New York. It was first a chicken farm and then a vegetable truck farm. The Turner's sold produce at the Syracuse Regional Market during that time. After the farm stopped operating, the barn was re-modeled into The Syracuse Motel and part of the farm was sold to the Jewish Federation of Syracuse and made into "Camp Fren-Le."
Physical dimensions: 
height 3.5 in ; width 5 in