Loading Corn into the Silo

Loading Corn into the Silo - The Farmers' Museum
Loading Corn into the Silo
Real photo postcard. A man stands with arms resting on a small conveyer that draws stalks of corn to a machine that loads the corn into a wooden silo. A tube or stack leads from the silo loader to the top of the wooden silo (presumably). Behind the man is a ladder that leads upward toward the top of the silo. A small barn or outbuilding is in the background. The ground is littered with leaves from the corn stalk and other cast off organic material. On the back of the postcard is noted that the location is Solsville (a hamlet within the town in Madison, Madison County, NY) and it is the Edgarton Farm.
Physical dimensions: 
height 3.5 in ; width 5.5 in