Kortright Post Office (2)

Kortright Post Office (2) - The Farmers' Museum
Kortright Post Office (2)
Slide transparency. A sign above the yellow door labels this white building as the "Post Office So. Kortright." To the left of the door is an old pay phone, while next to that is a blue mail deposit labeled "U.S. Mail" with a sticker that reads, "For collection information... Pull mail deposit door handle," and then "Mail Collection Services," with several bullet points underneath that are unreadable. An American flag has been attached to the side of the building's window. In the window, above one of the empty flower boxes, is a sign detailing the hours of the Post Office, "Open Weekdays 7:30 to ? Open Saturday 8:00 to 12:00 Closed Sundays and Holidays." Also visible through the window is a plant and a man sitting with his back towards the photographer.
Physical dimensions: 
height 2 in ; width 2 in