Homestead Scene

Homestead Scene - The Farmers' Museum
Homestead Scene
Photographic print. The lower half of the print shows the left and front side of a white house. Trees stand in the yard in front of the house. A wooden barn is visible to the left of the house but it is obscured by trees. Near the bottom edge of the print is a road. Six figures stand just above this road: four men and two women. The two women stand at the lower center of the print. The woman to the right is dressed in light clothing and the woman to the left is in dark clothing and holding a book. Three men stand to the right of the women holding hayforks and a sythe. A man in the lower right side of the print stands behind a piece of farm equipment, possibly a plow or cultivator, harnessed to two horses. Trees and sky fill the upper half of the print. Print is framed on a tan matte.
Physical dimensions: 
height 6.5 in ; width 8.75 in