H.O. Quackenbush Fruit Farm

H.O. Quackenbush Fruit Farm - The Farmers' Museum
H.O. Quackenbush Fruit Farm
Real photo postcard. Seven men pose in an apple orchard. Three are on ladders in various poses and hold baskets of apples. Another appears to be standing in an apple tree holding a basket of apples, on right. Two sit among dozens of bushel baskets of picked apples and another holds the top to a basket or cask - on left. Two horses are in the background behind the men hitched to a wagon filled with a double layer of more wooden bushel baskets of apples. A stack of baskets is on the right side of the photograph with a row of lids lying on the ground next to them. On the bottom right is written H.O. Quackengbush Fruit Farm.
Physical dimensions: 
height 3.375 in ; width 5.375 in