Hiram Beecher Family

Hiram Beecher Family - The Farmers' Museum
Hiram Beecher Family
Photographic print. A family poses with their horses in front of a farmhouse. A woman stands in the front yard not far from the stairs to the side entrance of the house. A young boy stands to the right with a light colored horse. He holds onto the bridle. A man is in front of the house in a horse-drawn carriage hitched to a dark colored horse. The house is a clapboard two-story structure with central chimney. A rough addition is on the back, possibly a shed for storing wood or other structure. A stone fence is in front of the house. On the back is written, "Hiriam Beecher Farm, Randolph, NY."Mounted on a board.
Physical dimensions: 
height 6.5 in ; width 8.25 in