Growmore Seed Catalog and Seed Case

Growmore Seed Catalog and Seed Case - The Farmers' Museum
Growmore Seed Catalog and Seed Case
Photographic print. Photograph of a Growmore Seeds catalog behind a case with bottles of seeds. The bottles have labels with the seed name. On the top row on the left is a bottle of corn seeds called "big crop." On the right are corn seeds called "sweepstakes." Other seeds in the middle are likely for grasses and called "empire," "new victory," "alfalfa" and "timothy." On the bottom are more seed bottles with grasses, grains, corn and peas. The bottles are labeled "hairy vetch,"Wisconsin barley," "can. field peas," "golden glow" (corn), "hungarian millet" and "japanese buckwheat." Various boxes and instruments are holding the items in place for the photograph. This photograph was part of an archive documenting seeds sold under the name Growmore Seeds by Gardner Seed Company, Rochester, New York.
Physical dimensions: 
height 8 in ; width 10 in