Girls with Milk Cans in Skaneateles, NY

Girls with Milk Cans in Skaneateles, NY - The Farmers' Museum
Girls with Milk Cans in Skaneateles, NY
Photographic print. A teenage girl cleans a milk can outdoors in front of a home. The lid lies in front of the milk can on the ground surrounded by patches of grass and dirt. The girl wears a long dress, leather boots and a full apron over her dress. She wears a wide brimmed straw hat as well. A younger toddler plays with the lid to another milk can. The toddler wears a simple calico dress with light ruffled collar. She holds a cloth in her right hand against the handle of the milk can. Behind the toddler on the porch of the house is a milk pan to her right and a metal milk pail turned upside down on the porch floor. A second milk pail is to the toddler's left lying on its side on the ground. Vines grow along the side of the porch on strings behind the girls. The house appears to have an open doorway, also in partial view.
Physical dimensions: 
height 5.75 in ; width 4 in