Flow diagram of a CP Full-Flo Plate Unit

Flow diagram of a CP Full-Flo Plate Unit - The Farmers' Museum
Flow diagram of a CP Full-Flo Plate Unit
Transparency, Lantern Slide. Handwritten label on slide states: "Mechanics - Steam Engine. Plain Horizontal." Slide is from the Cornell University, Dept. of Dairy Industry and was part of an educational slide show. Title of diagram is "Flow Diagram of a Single Section of Plates from a CP Full-Flo Plate Unit." Caption says "In this diagram the light blue indicates milk, and the light red, hot water. Arrows and lines are printed in darker colors simply to make it easier to follow the flow. Essentially the same flow principle as illustrated would apply with milk and cooling medium or milk to milk regeneration." Another diagram in the lower left (presumably) shows a photograph of the object in the diagram. A partially photographed caption reads: "? operation, the single plate section illustrated is locked ? the press as indicated below by the dotted lines."
Physical dimensions: 
film size 3 1/4" x 4"