Figures in Front of Business

Figures in Front of Business - The Farmers' Museum
Figures in Front of Business
Photographic print. Two wooden structures are on the right side of the print. The more prominent building in the photo is possibly a boot-making shop. There is a pair of boots hanging from the side of this building. A woman and child stand at the entrance to the building. There is a lamppost in the center of the photograph. To its right is a horse and two boys. A man stands with a gun next to a dog in the lower right portion of the print. Below the lamppost are two girls in matching plaid dresses. A man lays in a wagon hitched to a horse in the lower left corner of the print. Behind the figures on the left side of the print is a wooden fence separating the two buildings. The upper left portion of the print contains a tree. The print is framed on a tan matte.
Physical dimensions: 
height 6.5 in ; width 8.5 in