Farrell Farm Owners and Others Gather

Farrell Farm Owners and Others Gather - The Farmers' Museum
Farrell Farm Owners and Others Gather
Photographic print. A group of twenty-two men, women and children gather on the Farrell Farm in Ripley, New York ca. 1905 or 1906. Two of the men sit on a wagon drawn by a horse team that can be seen behind the group on the left. A barn is beyond the horses in partial view on the left and other farm buildings beyond that. A large barn with an open door, and of possibly newer construction is behind the group. The woman on the right holds a couple bunches of what appear to be grapes, as do some of the other people posing for the photograph. Mounted on a dark gray board. Typed and written on the back is as follows: This photograph was taken in 1905 or 06 in the grape country on the Farrell Farm located between State Line and Ripley, N.Y. The identifications are from left to right. Bertha Thompson Putnam holding Gertrude (Moyer), Fred Putnam holding Avis Putnam, Mrs. Farrell and Mr. Farrell holding their son, Harry. Proper of Wallaceville in back of the Farrells, next three unknown, two Nichols women with bonnets from Dayton, O., John E. Thompson of Wallaceville, Allen Seeley of Dempseytown, Haven Ware of Wallaceville, Port Proper of Wallaceville, Lavina Hardaman, Charlie Armburger and Lena Feely of Cherrytree.
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height 4.75 in ; width 6.75 in