Farm Scene in Franklin, NY

Farm Scene in Franklin, NY - The Farmers' Museum
Farm Scene in Franklin, NY
Glass plate negative. View of a farmstead down a country road in Franklin, New York looking south toward Walton. The farmhouse is in partial view beyond a line of trees on the edge of the lawn on the left side of a dirt road. A barn extends behind the farmhouse. A second barn is on the opposite side of the road from the house. In the foreground and to the right, a stone wall extends along the road. Three rural delivery mailboxes are on the left side of the road in the foreground. The farm is located south of the intersection of County Highway 21 and State Highway 357. The Gould map of 1856 lists the property owners of this farm as G. Raitt and the farm in the background as being owned by J.E. Dewey. This farm may have been known as Maple Avenue by 1869 (per the Beers, Ellis and Soule Atlas of Delaware County) and was owned by P. Wiswall.
Physical dimensions: 
height 5 in ; width 7 in