Farm Scene in Cooperstown, NY area

Farm Scene in Cooperstown, NY area - The Farmers' Museum
Farm Scene in Cooperstown, NY area
Photographic print. Image of a farm down a country lane in the Cooperstown, New York area. Wire and wood fences line a dirt lane leading to the farm. The farm buildings are situated on the right side of the lane. A small open outbuilding is next to a wooden silo with saw dust or other debris piled up inside. A large barn and free-stall are behind the small structure. Attached to the barn on the back side is a smaller wooden silo. Dozens of cows are lying down in a fenced in pasture behind the barn. A grain building is at the end of the lane and slightly to the right. A second large barn is in partial view behind a large maple tree the obscures it from the foreground area. The farmhouse, seen only slightly below a line of trees to the right of the farm buildings is in view in the background. Beyond the farm may be a body of water, possibly Otsego Lake. To the far right is another building in view. The building may belong to this or another farm property, and is of a different style then those that are the main subject of the photograph.
Physical dimensions: 
height 7.75 in
width 9.75 in