Farm near Rondout, NY

Farm near Rondout, NY - The Farmers' Museum
Farm near Rondout, NY
Photographic print. View of a very large farmhouse. The main portion of the house is two stories with a central entry and porch. A bay window is on the right side of the entry door on the first floor. Windows on the second floor are shuttered. A wing is off to the right side of the house, the connector between the two main portions of the house has a porch the length of it. Vines grow across the top of the porch roof. The two story portion of the house on the right also has a central entry. A stone wall is in front of the house with two sets of steps ascending to the house. A woman stands in front of the stone wall on the right, holding the bridle of a horse. A man sits on the stone wall to the right of her and an older woman sits in a chair to the right of the man. Several other people pose in front of, sitting on, seated or standing between the wall and the house. A man poses on the right side holding the handles to a cart that has a milk pail in it. On the mounting board is printed "161 Strand, Empire View Co., Roundout, N.Y."
Physical dimensions: 
height 7.5 in ; width 9.5 in