Dairyman's League Milk Plant in Fonda, New York

Dairyman's League Milk Plant in Fonda, New York - The Farmers' Museum
Dairyman's League Milk Plant in Fonda, New York
Photographic print. View of the Dairyman's League milk plant in Fonda, Montgomery County, New York located on the southwest corner of Main and Center Streets. The brick two-story building is prominently featured in the photograph. The front facade has three wide windows across the front on both levels. Above the entry door, toward the left side of the building, is a smaller window on the second floor. The building extends back along the side street, with two doorways and several large windows. A loading dock is on this side of the building, along Center Street (?). Two people stand in the front doorway and another man in a suit stands on the sidewalk to their right. A man stands in each doorway of the plant along the loading dock. A truck and horse-drawn wagon are at the loading dock. On the Center Street(?), a second horse-drawn carriage faces Main Street(?) and a car is parked facing the opposite direction behind the carriage. A man stands next to the car, possibly a Haynes Touring car. A third wagon sits idle, with driver, on the edge of Main Street on the right side of the photograph. Only the back of the wagon and driver are in the photograph. Behind the milk plant building is a house that was owned by the jeweler Henry Buser. To the right of the plant was Harvey Shibley's Feed and Grain Store, which was later a shoe repair store owned by Vince Pecguilo(?) and a furniture store was beyond that. All the aforementioned buildings were later purchased by Agway.
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height 8 in ; width 9.875 in