Creamery, Charlotteville, N.Y.

Creamery, Charlotteville, N.Y. - The Farmers' Museum
Creamery, Charlotteville, N.Y.
Real Photo Postcard. A creamery is in the center of the photo. The side of the building is the most prominent in the photo. It has a small porch in front of a door. A milk canister sits in the corner of the deck. The front of the building, located on the left side of the photo, has a porch with an awning. There are more milk canisters located on this deck. Two square cupolas are attached to the building's roof. There is a barn located behind the creamery on the left side of the photo. There is a hill in the background. The words, "CREAMERY, CHARLOTTEVILLE, N.Y. 80." are written in the bottom left corner of the photo. Charlotteville is a hamlet in the town of Summit, Schoharie County, New York.
Physical dimensions: 
height 3.5 in ; width 5.4375 in