Comic - Cow Paths that Lead Far Apart

Comic - Cow Paths that Lead Far Apart - The Farmers' Museum
Comic - Cow Paths that Lead Far Apart
Transparency, Lantern Slide. Handwritten label on slide states: "Comic. Tied to the Wrong Cow." Slide is from the Cornell University, Dept. of Dairy Industry and was part of an educational slide show. Comic illustration shows a farmer chained to a skinny cow. The title of the comic is "Tied to the Wrong Cow." On the skinny cow is written "133 lb. butterfat per year." Under the cow it says "The Profitless Cow." Behind the farmer and under a bubble with a spring scale and Babcock Tester (?) pictured with in the outline of a key, a caption reads: "Key to the situation within his reach." On the upper right is another cow with "300 lb. butter fat per year" written on it. Below this cow is a caption that reads: "The use of the cow and test inevidably lead to the selection of high producing cows - better houses, education, more comforts."
Physical dimensions: 
film size 3 1/4" x 4"