Borden Milk Parade Float

Borden Milk Parade Float - The Farmers' Museum
Borden Milk Parade Float
Real Photo Postcard. An advertising float for Borden Milk Products is shown in the bottom right section of the postcard. The float displays metal milk canisters and metal cans stacked into a triangle. At least four women stand inside the float. Four horses pull the float. There are four men guiding the horses. The float is part of a street parade. There are two other carriages visible in the parade. Crowds of people stand on either side of the street watching the parade. Telephone poles line the right side of the street. There is a park filled with trees to the right of the street. A string of flags hang over the street. Text at the bottom of the postcard reads, "Parade, July 4th 1908, Norwich, N.Y."
Physical dimensions: 
height 3.5 in
width 5.5 in