Ballston Refrigerating Storage Company

Ballston Refrigerating Storage Company - The Farmers' Museum
Ballston Refrigerating Storage Company
Photographic print. View of the three-story Ballston Refrigerating Storage Co. in Ballston Spa, New York. The brick building advertises the "Jacob Dold Packing Co's Dressed Beef & Provisions." Also painted on the side of the building between the third story windows are the words: fruit, produce, poultry, eggs, cheese, potatoes and apples. Three men stand in front of the building on the sidewalk and two men stand in the doorway in the center of the building. On the end of the building another man stands in a doorway. To his left is a delivery cart beside the building. A bike is parked along the sidewalk on this side of the building, and a horse-drawn delivery wagon is parked along the street. A driver is with the wagon. On the side of the wagon is painted "Dobler/Fager." Another "Dobler Lager" sign is in the center doorway. Several trolley or railroad tracks are in front of the building.
Physical dimensions: 
height 8 in ; width 10 in