Westville Grange No 540 - Rear of Main Hall

Westville Grange No 540 - Rear of Main Hall - The Farmers' Museum
Westville Grange No 540 - Rear of Main Hall
Photographic Print. Image is an interior detail of the Westville Grange No 540 located in Otsego County, New York. The image shows a portion of the Main Hall set up with a station including a table and five chairs. A stave adorns each corner of the station. The finials at the top of each stave are symbols of the Grange and for one of the officers. The sickle, found at the front, left, is the symbol for gathering a good crop, and represents an abundance of food. From this the members can distribute "charity to the needy." The shepard's hook, at the right, front, is a symbol for the Lady Assistant Steward, and is a symbol for caring for those in need. The back, right symbol may be a spud, a symbol for the Steward, which reminds the members to "remove dissention and strife in their lives." The final stave has an owl on it, a symbol for the Gatekeeper or Greeter. (Information on officers and symbols is from "An Introduction to the Officers of the Grange.") On the reverse of the photograph is handwritten: REAR OF MAIN HALL/WESTVILLE GRANGE # 540/2002/ANDY BAUGNET.
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print size 8" X 10"