Two Couples in a Harvested Corn Field

Two Couples in a Harvested Corn Field - The Farmers' Museum
Two Couples in a Harvested Corn Field
Photographic print. Two couples stand in a harvested cornfield in front of a bundle of corn stalks, the tassels of the stalks visible above their heads. The women are beautifully dressed in long light-colored dresses adorned with lace and satin fabric. The woman on the left has her hair beautifully coiffed. The woman on the right wears a large brimmed hat with a band. Both hold tassels from the corn in their hands. The men, standing to the right of each woman, wear light colored dress shirts and dark pants. The man on the left wears a banded and hat looks at the woman to his right. The man on the right, standing with his hands on his hips, wears glasses and a dark tie. In the background to the right, a sedan is parked.
Physical dimensions: 
height 4 in ; width 5 in