Threshing Crew

Threshing Crew - The Farmers' Museum
Threshing Crew
Photographic Print. Twelve men and ten(?) horses stand on and around their threshing machinery, while two other people sit in a buggy or carriage drawn by another horse at the right of the photograph. The two men at the left are standing on a box of the steam traction engine that reads "American-Abell Advance," likely referring to the American-Abell Engine and Thresher Company Limited. This thresher, used to separate grain from chaff, is belt-driven with a chute, and the men have piled straw onto wagons on either side of the thresher. The American-Abell Engine and Thresher Company Limited was founded in Canada and sold, in 1902, to the American companies, Advance Thresher and the Minneapolis Threshing Machine Company.
Physical dimensions: 
height 7.625 in
width 9.5 in