"The Oldest Frame House...in the Catskills"

"The Oldest Frame House...in the Catskills" - The Farmers' Museum
"The Oldest Frame House...in the Catskills"
Photographic print. A frame building is in the center of the photo. A porch is on the front of the building held up by two posts in view and the roof dipping on the left side. On the side of the house are three signs that read: 1787/The Oldest Frame House Standing in the Catskills. A wheelbarrow is overturned to the left of the porch and a sickle mower rigged to be hitched to horses is to the left of that in the grass. A small building is to the right of the house, slightly in front. In the foreground is an area of overgrown grass on the with the remnants of a wood fence or gate. In the background, to the right is a barn with hills beyond that. Mounted on a gray board.
Physical dimensions: 
height 5.625 in
width 6.625 in