Tapping Maples on the Turner Farm

Tapping Maples on the Turner Farm - The Farmers' Museum
Tapping Maples on the Turner Farm
Photographic print in an album. Two men are in the snowy woods and work to tap maple trees on the Turner Farm in LaFayette, Onondaga County, New York. One man drills the hole in the tree on the left and the other man stands behind the horse-drawn sled carrying a sap bucket. Dewey the family dog sits in the snow to the right of the sled. This photograph is part of an album of the Wayne O. and Marion Turner farm which was in operation from 1945-1956 at RD 1, LaFayette, New York. It was first a chicken farm and then a vegetable truck farm. The Turner's sold produce at the Syracuse Regional Market during that time. After the farm stopped operating, the barn was re-modeled into The Syracuse Motel and part of the farm was sold to the Jewish Federation of Syracuse and made into "Camp Fren-Le."
Physical dimensions: 
height 3.5 in ; width 5 in