Springfield Grange No. 1523 - Entry door

Springfield Grange No. 1523 -  Entry door - The Farmers' Museum
Springfield Grange No. 1523 - Entry door
Photographic Print. The image shows an interior detail of the Springfield Grange No. 1523 located in Springfield, New York. In the image, is the door to a meeting room or fellowship hall. In view through the doorway are several chairs that appear to be arranged in a semi-circular or circular pattern. A podium is in line with the chairs, and a stave with a sickle finial is between two chairs, just inside the door. An American flag is also in view. Through the window of the adjacent, closed door, the top of another stave can be seen. On the reverse of the photograph is handwritten: ENTRY DOOR/SPRINGFIELD GRANGE # 1523/2001/ANDY BAUGNET.
Physical dimensions: 
print size 8" X 10"