Small Backyard Chicken Coops

Small Backyard Chicken Coops - The Farmers' Museum
Small Backyard Chicken Coops
Real Photo Postcard. A man stands near the largest tree in the photograph and among several chicken coops. To his left is a coop with a small rectangular run outside of a small structure for nesting. On the front of the nesting portion has a window with a small opening above the window for ventilation. The run may continue into the bottom of the structure, which has two openings covered in chicken wire. Several hens are in the run. A second coop is in partial view on the left side of the photograph with more than one hen inside. A nesting area may be behind the run. An outhouse or other building is to the left of the second coop. Other small structures are around this area of the yard, and the side of a barn is in view in the background on the right.
Physical dimensions: 
height 3.325 in ; width 5.325 in