Robert Henry Van Rensselaer and Son

Robert Henry Van Rensselaer and Son - The Farmers' Museum
Robert Henry Van Rensselaer and Son
Daguerreotype (1/6 plate). Image shows Robert Henry Van Rensselaer (b. June 17, 1817, d. March 6, 1888) posed holding his son of the same name (b. December 30, 1845). The child sits on his father's lap and rests his head on the man's chest. The child is approximately 3 years of age, and wears a plaid dress. Mr. Van Rensselaer wears a waistcoat and vest with plaid cravat and high collar shirt fashionable at the time. Handwritten in black ink on a piece of paper enclosed in the case: ROBT. HENRY V.R./AND ROBT. HENRY JR./SEE OTHER DATYPE OF SISTER OF ROBT. HENRY JR/JULIANA. Handwritten on the same piece of paper in blue ink: 1888 D./ 1822/??/B. DEC. 1845/ BRO. OF ??/ JOHANNA ?? On reverse of paper in pencil: SIGNED HICKCOX DAGUERREIAN/MONTROSE, PA. Handwritten on another piece of paper: I CAN DETERMIN W/IN ONE YEAR PROBABLY/ ?? VAN RENSSALEAR IS THE CHILD IN ? AND IS ABOUT 3 YR OLD/ HIS WAS ?? On reverse in pencil: PLATE/B. BINSEE & CO. N.Y. Image is surrounded by a hand-cut gold matte. The brown, leather covers have a raised bouquet of flowers design surrounded by scrollwork.
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print size 3 1/4" x 2 3/4"