R.C. Jones Store, Remsen, N.Y.

R.C. Jones Store, Remsen, N.Y. - The Farmers' Museum
R.C. Jones Store, Remsen, N.Y.
Real Photo Postcard. A man and a woman holding a baby in her arms stand together in front of the door to R.C. Jones Store in Remsen, N.Y. Next to the door, "Salada Tea" is printed on the glass pane. Seen through the leftmost glass window are bottles with a Welch's sign above them. The right window features a pyramid of boxes and a couple which have Goodyear printed on them. Outside, there are baskets of apples, peaches, onions, potatoes, and cabbage(?), bunches of bananas, a pair of boots, a couple of suitcases, some watermelons, a couple of boxes of Dagget's Fruit Syrups, and a basket for McPherson's Laundry Utica, N.Y. A cloth sign hung between the store and a nearby tree advertises ? Ice Cream, the kind that's made of cream.
Physical dimensions: 
height 3.375 in
width 5.5 in