Pierstown Grange No. 793 - Main Hall

Pierstown Grange No. 793 - Main Hall - The Farmers' Museum
Pierstown Grange No. 793 - Main Hall
Photographic Print. Image shows the Main Hall of the Pierstown Grange No. 793 located in Cooperstown, New York. In the image is a podium in the center of the room adorned with a formal cloth. To each side and immediately to the back stations for the officers. Wooden chairs line the walls on either side of the room. A chandelier, flag, bouquet of flowers, clock, a framed picture, an area rug with the crest for Grange Patrons of Husbandry, curtains and piano adorn the room. The curtain to the front of the room is a painted mural of Otsego Lake. According to "Otsego Lake Pomona Grange: The History of Otsego County Granges" published in 1972 by Otsego County Pomona Grange, the front curtain with the Otsego Lake scene was created for a performance of the "dramatic association" which was in practice from 1896-1904 and again in the 1930s. A date for the mural was not specified. On the reverse of the photograph is handwritten: MAIN HALL/PIERSTOWN GRANGE, NY #793/2000/ANDY BAUGNET.
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