Pierstown Grange No. 793 - Main Hall

Pierstown Grange No. 793 - Main Hall - The Farmers' Museum
Pierstown Grange No. 793 - Main Hall
Photographic Print. Image shows the Main Hall of the Pierstown Grange No. 793 located in Cooperstown, New York. In view is a station with chairs on either side and one behind. In front of the table is an area rug with the Grange Patrons Of Husbandry crest woven into it. Next to two of the chairs is a stave with a sickle finial. Other staves are to the right and left of the EXIT doors, each with a finial symbolizing the grange. The one on the left may be the symbol for a spud, or farm implement used to remove weeds from a field. Next to this exit door is are framed ribbons. The stave finial on the right by the back EXIT door may be the symbol for an owl. Chairs line either side of the room. A mural is in the background showing a rural farming scene. Per the photographer, this mural is reportedly made entirely of seeds. Below the ceiling line are portraits of past Masters of the Pierstown Grange. On the reverse of the photograph is handwritten: MAIN HALL/PIERSTOWN GRANGE # 793/2000/ANDY BAUGNET.
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print size 8" X 10"