Pierstown Grange No. 793 - Exterior

Pierstown Grange No. 793 - Exterior - The Farmers' Museum
Pierstown Grange No. 793 - Exterior
Photographic Print. Image shows the front of the Pierstown Grange No. 793 located in Cooperstown, New York. On the front of the building is a sign reading PIERSTOWN GRANGE NO. 793. The building is a gable-roofed structure with a front porch featuring scroll decoration. The porch has a set of steps off the front, and a ramp to the right side of the building for entry. Above the double entry doors are symbols of the Grange including the sickle, a bundle of wheat and a plow. Beyond the Grange is a field. A road passes close by the building to the front. Pierstown Grange was organized on February 1, 1895 with nineteen charter members. The original Grange Hall was built on the J. M. Wedderspoon farm in late 1895 and burned on April 30,1898. The new hall was immediately erected on the same site and the first meeting was held on August 13, 1898. The Grange was named for its location in the town that was originally the Pier tract of land. On reverse of the photograph is handwritten: FRONT ELEVATION/PIERSTOWN GRANGE # 793/ 2000/ANDY BAUGNET.
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