Panoramic View of a Farmstead

Panoramic View of a Farmstead - The Farmers' Museum
Panoramic View of a Farmstead
Photographic print. View of a farm with a large two-story home with an addition on the back of the house and a large porch on the front. Behind the house is a shed or other building. A large three-story, gambrel-style barn with a cupola stands behind the house. Windows are on each level of the barn and a large, front-entry door is open. To the right of this barn is a tennis court. Two women stand in the fenced-in court and spectators are seated in a covered area to the right of the tennis court. A similar style barn with a sloped, dutch entry on the side is behind the first barn. Two sheds are to the right of this barn. The print is mounted on a dark gray board.
Physical dimensions: 
height 3.3750 in ; width 11.8750 in