Oxford Milk Station Mill

Oxford Milk Station Mill - The Farmers' Museum
Oxford Milk Station Mill
Black & white photograph mounted on board. OXFORD MILK STATION MILL workers circa 1890 posed in front of the building. Location was Oxford, Chenengo County, New York. All workers are male and wear uniforms. On reverse is handwritten the following names: TOP ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: HENRY WATERS, GEORGE FRANS??YER, BEN HILBERT, BURTON STORLES, WESTLEY INGRAHAUSE(?), ??, ANSIL PARKER, LEO GIBBON, WESTON MUDGE & HIROM WALWORTH. SECOND ROW: BILL BUERLISON, HENRY HUNT, JIM MORGAN, CHARLIE FIELD, CHARLES BARTLETT, CLARENCE GALE, GEORGE CLARK, ELLIS BENEDICT, JOHN BECKWITH, ARA BEEBE, GEORGE INGRAHOUSE. FRONT ROW, SITTING: LORI CUSHMAN, JESS WATERS, BILLIE RYAN, FAYETTE CARPENTER, BILLIE SALVAGE, CHARLIE CROUL, JOHN TRACEY. This milk station was possibly owned by Borden's Condensed Milk Company, NY, NY.
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