Outing Near the Spring

Outing Near the Spring - The Farmers' Museum
Outing Near the Spring
Glass Plate Negative. A group, possibly a family gathers around an outdoor springs in the side of a hill. A man stands in the foreground wearing a cap, mustache, light collared shirt, tie, suspenders, grey trousers, striped socks, and dark shoes. In one hand he holds a small twig, and has one leg resting on the spring. Behind him a woman stands with her hands in her pockets glancing down at a little girl filling her cup with water from the spring. The woman wears a light high-collared long sleeved blouse and dark shirt. Next to her a little girl stands looking into the camera, she wears a light dress. Behind the little girl, a woman in reclined on her side with her hand on her hip. She wears a long sleeved, high collared blouse, and dark skirt. In the lower right hand corner a little girl wearing a long sleeved dress, dark stockings and shoes bends down filling a cup with water from the spring flowing from the side of the hill.
Physical dimensions: 
width 5 in
height 4 in