M/T/ Menzie's Storefront, Delhi, New York

M/T/ Menzie's Storefront, Delhi, New York - The Farmers' Museum
M/T/ Menzie's Storefront, Delhi, New York
Photographic Print. Six people gather in front of M.T. Menzie's storefront in Delhi, New York. From left to right: A little girl stands with one hand on a small baby carriage, she wears a light dress, dark stockings, and a brimmed hat. Two men stand next to her, both wearing dark suits and hats. A little boy stands next to the men, he wears a dark trousers, a jacket, and small cap. The man next to him stands behind several large barrels, He wears a vest, jacket, tie, and hat worn askew. On the far right of the image a man stands in front of a single horse drawn delivery wagon. He wears a cap, dark vest, light overcoat, and dark trousers. The wagon, hitched to a white horse, reads, "M.T. Menzie, Fancy Fruits, Delhi, N.Y., Dry Goods & Notions" Behind the group the storefront displays many cases of fruit and hanging bananas.
Physical dimensions: 
width 8.5 in
height 6.25 in