Milk Truck and Calf Pens (3)

Milk Truck and Calf Pens (3) - The Farmers' Museum
Milk Truck and Calf Pens (3)
Slide transparency. Several Holstein calves have been placed in handmade pens outside, created with a sheet metal hutch and a small fence enclosure. On top of one of the metal sheets sits a small pink and white tricycle, while in the dirt in front of the pens is a red and yellow toy truck. Behind the pens, a milk truck with a large dent in its side has been parked on the dirt road by a red barn, likely picking up the milk. A hose extends from the truck towards the barn. A cement stave silo rises behind the barn. Another red building is seen at the right of the photograph, housing farm equipment, including a silage wagon. On the border of the slide is written "Hyck," also spelled Huyck.
Physical dimensions: 
height 2 in ; width 2 in