Main Street, Hermon, N.Y.

Main Street, Hermon, N.Y. - The Farmers' Museum
Main Street, Hermon, N.Y.
Real Photo Postcard. Seen here is the Main Street of Hermon, N.Y, while a street sign indicates an intersection with Church Street. At the right side of the photograph are several two-story buildings and one smaller house visible behind the lane of trees. Eleven people stand in front of the buildings or walk on the sidewalk. On a sign at the very right, "paints oils and varnishes," can be read, though the rest of the words are obstructed. At the top of the rightmost building is the year 1876, and a sign above the doorway reveals it to be someone's cash drug store. The next building has O.S. Lynde at the top, while a law office is positioned between the two buildings. To its left is E.B. Peppers Clothing, with several articles of clothing placed around the doorway and milk canisters on a horse-drawn cart on the road in front.
Physical dimensions: 
height 3.375 in
width 5.5 in