Main Street, Cincinnatus, NY

Main Street, Cincinnatus, NY - The Farmers' Museum
Main Street, Cincinnatus, NY
Real photo postcard. Scene of Cincinnatus, New York, Main Street. Several horse-drawn wagons sit in front of a row of businesses. The wagon in the center is filled with milk pails. Businesses visible (from left to right) are Weber Wagons, P.B. Foster, and J.M. Lotridge. Several men stand on the sidewalk in front of the businesses. The front of an automobile is visible to the very far left of the frame. A black dog stands on a sidewalk in the foreground. Additionally, there is a posted sign that states, "do not drive in one track avoid making a rut, use wide tires."
Physical dimensions: 
height 3.375 in ; width 5.375 in