Livery Stables, Delhi, New York

Livery Stables, Delhi, New York - The Farmers' Museum
Livery Stables, Delhi, New York
Photographic Print. Five people are gathered in front of a barn structure, possibly a livery stable. All sit on horse drawn vehicles except two of the men who are holding horse while standing. Moving from left to right: The man on the far left sits on a wagon which reads, "R.H. Neal, Baggage Express." Next a woman sits in a small two seat buggy. She is wearing a hat, light colored long sleeved blouse, and dark skirt. Behind her, in the door to the barn a man stands holding two horses that are hitched to a vehicle out of sight. Another man, standing next to the woman and her buggy, holds a white horse. The man to the far right sits in wagon hitched to a team of two horses. He wears long trousers, a jacket, and brimmed hat.
Physical dimensions: 
width 8.5 in
height 6.75 in