John Cotter Farm

John Cotter Farm - The Farmers' Museum
John Cotter Farm
Photographic Print. Print is adhered to tan board. Six people stand, scattered throughout the front of a farmhouse. Three women stand in the fenced yard closest to the home. They all wear overcoats and hats. A man stands in front of the fenced yard in front of a parked carriage. He wears dark trousers, vest, jacket, and bowler hat. A pocket watch chain can be seen hanging from his vest. The carriage is hitched to a single dark horse. Someone sits in the dark carriage, however they are blurred due to movement. Another woman stands to the left of the man, she wears a dark brimmed hat, dark overcoat, and light floor-length skirt. Several large and smaller trees are scattered throughout the scene. A barn can be seen to the right of the home in the background. The home features a front porch, two chimneys, light clapboard siding and dark shutters.
Physical dimensions: 
height 7.25 in ; width 6.875 in