John Burnett Farm

John Burnett Farm - The Farmers' Museum
John Burnett Farm
Glass Plate Negative. View of the John Burnett Farm in Harford, New York from across a field. A barn stands along a field on the left. A building, likely for equipment is built off the front of the barn on the left. Two large double doors are the feature of the building. Another smaller building, perhaps a shed, is on the right side of the barn and another small building is behind that. The small building may be a chicken coop. The farm buildings are surrounded by a split rail fence, separating the barn from the field. To the right of the barn, a short distance is the farmhouse surrounded by a lot of trees. Another building is to the right of the house. Smoke billows out of the chimney.
Physical dimensions: 
height 5 in ; width 7 in