John Becker Farm

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John Becker Farm
Photographic Print. View of the farm of John Becker (Major Becker) with a newly constructed barn on the right side of the photograph. The main barn is three stories high with a cupola on the top and clapboard exterior. A double sliding door is on the lower level on the right side and a drive-in entrance with ramp is on the front of the barn. A two-story addition to the barn is on the right side with double sliding doors on the bottom level, both front and right end of the barn. A shed is between the house and barn. The farmhouse is in partial view on the right side of the photograph. Two groups of people stand among the landscaping and trees to the left of the house. A woman sits at the front left corner of the house with a young girl standing next to her. Further toward the road is a group of three people. Next to the barn, a man stands holding an item in his left hand. A white picket fence with gate lines the yard of the house and a well manicured hedge leads to the front entrance of the house. A dirt road passes by the property. On the back of the photograph is written in ink: "John Becker farm (Major Becker farm) owned in 1901-1960 by Don Shaw, ???? Hay given to me (David ?) in 1969 by Warren Beckers widow Florence Hallenbeck Becker." Mounted on a thin tan board with gold decorative border.
Physical dimensions: 
height 11 in ; width 13 in