Haying with Horse and Oxen Teams

Haying with Horse and Oxen Teams - The Farmers' Museum
Haying with Horse and Oxen Teams
Glass plate negative. Haying scene in a field. A man leaning on a hay fork stands on top of a horse-drawn wagon of loose hay. A woman stands on top of the hay with him, holding on to the man's arm. The horses hitched to the wagon wear fly sheets. In front of the wagon of hay, a man stands leaning on his hay fork. Behind him are a team of oxen pulling a wagon, partially filled with loose hay. A man and a boy sit on top of the side of the wagon toward the oxen team. On the back of this wagon, a hay loader is hitched. In front of the second wagon is another horse team hitched to a third wagon.
Physical dimensions: 
height 4 in ; width 5 in